What is Healthy Change Challenge?


Healthy Change Challenge (HCC) is a fun, empowering, social and community engaging holistic health program for people with a disability and/or mental illness.  Challengers learn to run exercise, shopping, cooking, mindfulness and meditation sessions in collaborative teams for each other and the general public. 


HCC is making long term improvements to lifestyle habits of the challengers by working in collaboration with parents, carers, friends as well as the best health and wellness professionals.  In just 12 weeks the challengers improved across all facets of health and wellbeing in testing conducted by the  University of Newcastle (UoN) including: heart rate, blood pressure, weight/BMI, strength, flexibility, behavioural improvement and healthy/unhealthy food recognition.

HCC is an NDIS registered TTP provider. Participants require social and community participation capacity building funding for the program.  TTP core funding can also be used in the absence of capacity building funding at the 3:1 group or 1:1 centre based rates.  Please get in touch for a quote.

How It Works

- Challengers participate 1-4 days per week from 9am-3pm, Mon - Fri with occasional weekend activities.

- Each day teams exercise, shop, cook and undertake mindfulness/meditation sessions with health and wellness lessons incorporated.

- The hubs of the HCC program are run in different locations by self managed teams, there are no bosses or hierarchy.  Everyone is valued and empowered with as much autonomy and independence as possible

Routine is boring! We are all about variety and finding what you like and enjoy.  What will get YOU moving?  Let us know it's YOUR program.  This video covers just some of the fun activities enjoyed to date


HCC is a Social Enterprise.  100% of all non NDIS funding from grants, sponsorships and donations go directly towards:

1- opening the program to marginalised people in need of a social or health intervention regardless of NDIS funding; and 

2 - employing past Challengers (participants) to help run the program.

The Team
We have teamed up with the most innovative and engaging people and organisations to create inclusive,  capacity building communities.  This includes the best trainers, coaches, health professionals and support workers to ensure the quality of the program continues to improve as we grow around Australia.  
Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about how we roll and operate in our unique and special way.  We are more than happy to share and work in collaboration to ultimately make sustainable improvements to the lives of marginalised people and their support networks.
Here are just some of our amazing partners and supporters.

Get In Touch

Contact our team via phone or email!

e: healthycchallenge@gmail.com

p: 1800 HCC (422) 123


Healthy Change Challenge Pty Ltd

e: healthycchallenge@gmail.com

p: 1800 HCC (422) 123

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